ssmd profile picHello, I’m Sr. Sean.
I am a religious sister (aka Catholic Nun*) with the Daughter of St. Paul. Follow this blog and you’ll be subject to my personal take on what it means to connect the dots between evangelization, communications, community, good food, and deep conversation.

Why the title “MediaNunBlog”? For starters go search the hashtag #medianuns on various social media platforms. Check out what you find—that would be my sisters who are engaged in communicating God’s love via the media. Why media? Well if you want to get the word out about something, this is how you do it!

Evangelization happens when you and I intentionally respond to God’s invitation to relationship with God and with others. Beyond the natural tendency to express what we think and feel, the evangelizer actively chooses to communicate Good News.

A disclaimer: right now I’m simultaneously holding down the responsibilities of local superior of our Staten Island, NY community, and wrapping up a theology degree at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry**. Yeah, it’s a little intense. Ergo, my block posts are sporadic for now. Mea culpa, mea culpa… .

Another disclaimer: yes I post in this blog about evangelization and communications out of the tradition of my religious community, but this is not official-speak. It’s a personal blog.

All that said, please jump in and join me in talking about the great conversation of words and deeds that is the lived experience of faith!

God bless you!

Sean Mayer
@srseanm (Twitter and Instagram)


* Ok, if you really want to get technical, the term “nun” is not synonymous to “religious sister.” For that matter a “pint” is technically not the same as a “beer,” is it? The terms get used interchangeably anyhow.

** Yes! Ask me about my experience at BCSTM. I am very grateful for the chance to study there. It’s a great program for someone looking to blend academic scholarship and pastoral focus. And Boston is a great city—just be glad, however, that you weren’t commuting weekly between Boston and NYC during the #snowmageddon winter of 2015!


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