ssmd profile picHello, I’m Sr. Sean, a Daughter of St. Paul for thirty-plus years. (Good heavens, that long? Even though Qoheleth is likely to haunt me for saying this, feel free to think that I don’t look a day older than thirty!) This blog is my project.

What’s with #MediaNun? Well for starters search that hashtag on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and check out what you find. That would be my sisters who are engaged in communicating God’s love via the media. We’re all about preaching and teaching—but not from a pulpit, classroom, or lecture hall. We’re all about connecting people with the Good News. God started a grand conversation in the Scriptures, and He invites everyone to participate.

Follow this blog and you’ll be subject to my personal take on what it means to connect the dots between evangelization, communications, community, good food, and deep conversation.

Feel free to comment and share! Better yet, feel free to get into conversation with God and with others about God, Jesus Christ, and the church.

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