Hello I’m Sr. Sean.

@srseanm on WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram. This blog was started some years ago, and since then I discovered that it was impossible to keep up full time ministry AND grad school AND a blog…

So the blog had to wait.

That’s about to change soon…

In the meantime here’s what I wrote as an intro back in 2014:

I’m a member of the North American province of the Daughters of St. Paul, a group of religious sisters who work with the media. On various social media sites my sisters and I use the hashtag #MediaNuns (hence the title of this blog).

My mission-field right now is in the heart of the city—New York City to be exact. I’m the local superior of our convent here, and I work in our Pauline Book and Media book store in midtown. It’s an adventure!

Why this blog?

The Good News is just that—good news. God’s grand story of salvation makes a difference in life. In a sense, the experience of faith is a conversation we have with God and about God. And like all good conversations, it often takes place in the context of a meal. So here’s to good news, good food, and good conversation!